Laos foreign investment law

Understanding Laos Foreign Investment Law

Laos foreign investment law
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Download your free version of Laos foreign investment law.

As an investor, you should be well informed about the matters of the Lao investment law. This ensures that you know the ins and outs of how investment works here, which can help our consulting with you to be easier to understand.

As a foreigner that does not speak the language, Laos can seem impenetrable. However, is it this very fact that also means that Laos can be a great place to start a business. Competition is low, and for many things outside the main levers of the economy such as tourism, can be non existent.

In order to navigate Laos foreign investment law, KK Consulting & real Estate can be your guide and your local partner on the ground. There are many situations that require a Lao national to either be present, or to be involved completely. this can leave many foreign investors too scared to invest and thus loose a golden opportunity.

KK Consulting & real Estate has already helped many investors in the country to set up and begin a new venture and so are trusted within Luang Prabang & Laos.

Here we give you a free PDF detailing the finer points of Laos foreign investment law.

It is a long brochure and so it is best to keep it and print it off to read at your leisure. However, here are some key points that you should understand:


  • Profit tax rate of 20% for foreign invested companies;
  • Import duty of 1% on equipment and materials for use in an enterprise;
  • Project approval set at 60 days;
  • Foreign investment may be wholly-owned or a joint venture with a minimum 30% investment;
  • ‘One-stop shop’ for investors at the DDFI.

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