Real estate and land in Luang Prabang are valuable investments in Laos.

With its UNESCO protected legacy, Luang Prabang is limited to the types of properties it can build.

However, with new development happening on the outskirts and beyond, now is the right time to fully take advantage.

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From the French colonial cafe culture to the distinctive and beautiful temples scattered around the city, Luang Prabang is a really fantastic place to invest in prime real estate with a long term view for a realistic ROI.

Luang Prabang Mekong River View House2

Real estate in Luang Prabang

KK Consulting & Real Estate maintains it own portfolio of sale and rental properties across Laos, in cooperation with our partner real estate agent RentsBuy. We have many years of experience with getting our clients into the correct land investments and the right real estate in Luang Prabang. We also have several Very High Value (VHV) land investments that we maintain and can deliver to the right client.

We are therefore confident we can find properties that satisfy our investors’ needs and are committed to providing the highest degree of security to our investors and clients.


Valuation is an important part of real estate management and one aspect that can be a tricky thing to do in Laos. Accurate valuations of property and land benefit sellers and buyers and help to ensure that property transactions are conducted fairly.

With over 3 years experience of appraisals, KK Consulting & Real Estate is able to assess all the factors affecting the market value of a property and thus produce an accurate, objective evaluation. The valuation information produced for our clients is of course completely confidential.

Our customers know that our expertise in producing accurate valuations really helps speed up the process of selling, buying or renting a property. Our appraisals always consider the market at the specific time, along with the actual purpose of the specific property.

Building design and construction

Building property or even renovations can become fraught with difficulties unless you have a  local Lao partner to oversee and explain to builders.

Who to choose and what materials is something that can be hard to do in Laos with its general lack of quality labor. However KK Consulting & Real Estate has a team of trusted builders we use for all of our projects and are availableto help you to.

We can produce detailed estimates and building designs for construction projects (new-build, rebuild, refurbish, or renovate). The estimates include all the usual issues associated with new-build construction projects: land surveys, architect’s drawings, material and labor costs etc.

The costs of these services will obviously depend on the extent and size of the projects.

We can also put investors in touch with a range of local construction companies who are able to undertake new-build or re-build work; especially important in within Luang Prabang because of the regulations associated with its World Heritage status, which is full of very strict regulations about the type of buildings and the styles allowed.

You can be assured that investing in real estate in Luang Prabang will be a fruitful venture for the next 5-10 years. There are new developments happening on the outskirts of Luang Prabang that promise to raise the value of the surrounding land, so the best time to invest is now.