We can help you with investing in Luang Prabang wisely to ensure a good return on investment and the safety of your money.

In a developing country like Laos, there are so many opportunities to invest, and your capital can increase in a relatively short space of time.

However, navigating the bureaucracy of any country is difficult and investing in Luang Prabang is no different. So let KK Consulting & Real Estate be your guide through to help direct you to the best places to invest.

With nearly 5 years of working in real estate and capital investment, KK Consulting & Real Estate has acquired a vast amount of knowledge relating to Lao economic law and with an eye to the future, we are always one step ahead of the curve when finding new ventures.

Investing in Luang Prabang

Why Invest in Luang Prabang, Laos?

Investing in Luang Prabang and to a greater extent Laos, is growing at a rapid pace and those who wish to start a business here can find their investments increasing by several factors as well as being able to live in a fantastic place.

Of course, this does not mean there are any get rich quick schemes, and official business in Laos certainly moves slower than some other countries. However, the opportunity for real, long term growth is here and proven, with many foreigners finding

We are able to facilitate and help secure your personal investment, and assist you every step of the way and help to make it an enjoyable experience, especially when you consider some of the benefits to investing in Luang Prabang.

Each first consultation is free, with no obligation. The aim of this personal consultation is to learn from each other, gather facts, and enable us to react to the specific investment needs of each individual or company.

We can direct any client wishing to seek expert, independent legal advice to private firms specializing in Lao Law. Our services include any documentation, translation, and lawyer consultations required, along with establishing other necessary correspondence between buyers, sellers or renting parties.