Creating a business from scratch can be a daunting task in any country, let alone one foreign to your own.

KK Consulting & Real Estate has helped many entrepreneurial foreigners create or buy their own businesses. From guesthouses or other tourism related business, to textile companies exporting overseas. Business in Luang Prabang has never been as big as it is now, so let us help you to start while the going is good.

Marketing Services

We also have our own, in house, Marketing division to help you with everything from brand creation, to social media management.

(For large scale business that we may be too small to deal with, we will advice you on larger companies trusted by us that could help you)

Business in Luang Prabang

KK Consulting & Real Estate can arrange licenses for clients opening new businesses in Luang Prabang. 

The bureaucracy involved with getting a license to start a business in Luang Prabang can be overwhelming to newcomers, especially with the language barrier involved,  but with us you can be assured that you will be in safe hands.

We also facilitate small to medium sized projects looking to start work in Laos and business in Luang Prabang. We have worked with JICA in the past, who chose us because of our reputation of getting the job done on time and in budget, and our language skills, a very important factor when considering business in Laos with its multi-national investment atmosphere.

business in luang prabang

For more information please contact us and we can arrange a time to discuss your needs.